Will there be a PlayStation 5?

Yes! PS5’s lead system architect Mark Cerny confirmed that the next generation console is on the works. Sony has been feeding us juicy tidbits about the new PS5, such as the logo, name and a few key features. But, according to Sony, the PS5 still has big surprises to come ⁠—although they won’t be revealing them at E3 2020, as the company has confirmed it won’t be attending this year.

Instead, Sony plans on revealing the console’s main features at press conferences that will take place during 2020. Starting with the Sony CES 2020 Press Conference taken in January:

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Sony has officially confirmed that the new PlayStation 5 will launch on time for holidays 2020. That sets the timeline between October and December 2020.

A later tweet by user @PSErebus suggests a more specific date for the release of the PS5 will be November 20, 2020. Where this information is coming from we cannot be sure, so please take it with a pinch of salt: